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Drupal Training Institute in Delhi | Drupal Training Course Delhi

Drupal is widely used content management system. Drupal is used to easily manage, update and publish the content in the website. Many company are using Drupal to create professional websites to suit their custom requirements. As per the PACKTPUB survey in year 2008 awarded Drupal the best overall cms winner. Because of easy creating sites, application and management, drupal is used by many organizations. We can enhance the functionality of drupal by adding available add on modules.

Drupal Course Structure

bullet Course Duration: 1 Months
bullet Course Fee : 5000/-
bullet Course Schedule: Saturday, Sunday (3 hrs.)

Introduction of Drupal

  • PHP, Mysql and Apache Concepts
  • Drupal Comparasion to other CMS (Joomla, Wordpress)
  • Drupal Features
  • Installation of Drupal 7 

Understanding Drupal's Basics 

  • Drupal Files Introduction
  • Node,Theme, Comment Concept
  • Drupal Features
  • Users, Roles, Permissions
  • Taxonomy, Blocks
  • Creating Simple Content 

Roles, Permissions, Menus

  • Creating User Roles, Permissions, Changing Themes.
  • Enabling, Downloading and Disabling Modules
  • Understanding Menus and Primary, Secondary Links
  • Content Path Aliases Creation

File Format, Regions, Editor

  • Understanding File Format (input format)
  • Blocks Region in Detail View
  • WYS|WYG rich text editor Enabling and Configuring

Content Construction Kit(CCK)

  • Understanding Concept of Content Type
  • Content Construction Kit (CCK)
  • Creating Custom Content Type
  • Adding Editing Fields in Content Type
  • Adding Imagefields, Datefields
  • Text Fields to your Content Type


  • Understanding Drupal Views
  • Views type: Page, Block, Feeds, Attachment
  • Using Filters
  • Creating Some Views
  • Paging in Views

Advance Views

  • Exposing Views to Get Search Form
  • Understanding Drupal Caching
  • CSS/JS Aggregation
  • Understanding Drupal Tables using PHPMyAdmin
  • Understanding Views Relationships
  • Passing Arguments to Views. Making views attachments
  • Unleashing the Power of Views Using Modules like Views Slideshow and Jcarousel

Rules, Trigers, Panels

  • Understanding Cron
  • Upgrading Drupal Modules
  • Understanding Rules, Trigers
  • Using Flag Module with Trigers
  • Understanding Apache Solr Search
  • Introduction of Panels
  • Using panels 

Internationalization, media rich modules

  • Build Multilingual Sites Through Drupal Modules
  • Internationalization: Using Content Translation, Locale and the i18n modules
  • Modules for Building Media Rich Site
  • Audio, Video (Emfield Module, Kaltura Module)

User, Web Forms Flag

  • Understanding User Registrations and User Data Using the User Profile Module
  • Using Webform Module to Create Surveys and Forms
  • Using Some Modules Such as Voting Api / Fivestar, Captcha, Flag
  • Integrating Flag and Fivestar with Views

Drupal Theming

  • Theming Section
  • Convert any HTML Design to Drupal
  • Understanding Drupal Naming Convention
  • TemplateTtheming
  • Views Theming
  • Node / Page Theming 

Creating Own Modules

  • Understanding Drupal Modules
  • Writing Own Basic Modules
  • Create Block from Module 

Most Frequently used Modules

  • Using Some Most Required Modules
  • 5 Star Rating (provide rating on any node)
  • Views Slideshow
  • Metatag
  • Pathauto
  • Jcarousel Slider Module (provide left-right sliding of any views result)
  • Form Block  (provide block for specific content type add data)
  • Media Display (Emfield, Kaltura)
  • Date
  • Recaptcha
  • Superfish Drop Down Menu
  • Editor (WYS|WYG Rich Text Editor)
  • Hiearachical Select
  • Web Form
  • Share This

Demo Project using Ubercart (An E-commerse for Drupal)

  • Demo Project using Ubercart (E-commerse Solution for Drupal)
  • Installing Ubercart
  • Understanging Ubercart Different Section (Content Type, UC_Product Views)
  • Altering / Modifying Default Ubercart's Content Type and Views
  • Creating and Theming Products Listing Page
  • Node / Page Theming 

Paypal Configuration

  • Using Modules to Build Great E-commerse Sites (Coupons, Colorbox, Stock Attributes, Forward, Simplenews, Pathauto, Fivestar, Votingapi, Sharethis)
  • Paypal Payment Gateway Configuring
  • Understanging Ubercart Different Section (Content type, UC_Product Views)
  • PHP Code to Call Views in Page

Drupal : Project Training

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Student's Testimonials

  • Sanjay Kumar

    Great Course Structure. I was not aware of PHP at all. They started from basic and take me to the professional Level. Thanks.

  • Preeti Chawala

    They helped a lot to crack the interview along with the best training. I got job so easily. Thanks.

  • Student's Testimonials

    Rajesh Kumar

    Thanks to the WITS, (Wings IT Solutions) who explored the right creative potential in me.

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